Entry Requirements

Professional Diploma Program designed for entry into the acupuncture profession in
Canada and the USA (including preparation for both provincial and NCCAOM examinations)

Admissions requirements for Canadian
students intending to practise in Canada:
• Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
or equivalent with a minimum overall
average of 65% on six OAC or Grade 12 ‘U’
or ‘M’ courses
Mature students do not have to meet the normal
academic requirements for admission. However,
they must:
• be 21 years of age or older at the start of the
first academic year; and
• have been away from formal education
(secondary school, college etc.) for at least
their previous two years; and
• satisfy Ongiara College that you have the
potential to undertake the professional
diploma course through an Assessment of
Prior Experience and Learning process
(APEL Portfolio) OR complete an Academic
Bridging Program offered by Ongiara College
during the six months leading up to the start
of the first year of the diploma program.

Admission requirements for Canadian and
American students intending to practise
in the United States:
• a minimum of two academic years
(60 semester credits/90 quarter credits)
education at baccalaureate level, that is
appropriate preparation for graduate level
work, from an institution holding a provincial
charter and membership of the Association
of Universities and Colleges of Canada or
accredited by an agency recognized by the
U.S. Department of Education.
• all courses must have a grade of 70% or
higher to be eligible for credit transfer.
Please arrange to have transcripts sent
directly to Ongiara College upon application.
Your application cannot be processed until
they are received. Ongiara College reserves
the right to make a charge for any trascripts
that need to be evaluated.