Academic Progress


Students are required to make satisfactory progress towards completion of the Professional Diploma program.  Learning outcomes and assessment methods are explained for each course in the Student Handbook.  Students will undertake an evidence-based, rigorous self-assessment process, with written tutor feedback forming part of their documentation, so that each student is aware of their progress as they move through the program.  Students will receive an overall grade for each course: Pass, Fail, Incomplete, Withdrawn or Audit.  Ongiara College believes that a simple pass/fail system is more appropriate for the assessment of professional competency than multiple grades.  ‘Pass’ has an equivalency of 70% or higher.


To receive the Professional Diploma of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, a student must

    • fulfill all attendance, independent study, classroom, practicum and clinical requirements with passing grades for all assessed components
    • demonstrate the required level of professional confidence and competence
    • pay any outstanding tuition or fees